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A weekly podcast covering share projects and the share economy. Share Local means accessing and exchanging food, space, tools and knowledge.

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    Ep11: Happy Sharing New Year

    A quick three-minute episode to kick off the New Year and discuss what is to come with Share Local Radio in 2015.

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    Ep10: Permission to Succeed

    In this episode, we talk about ways to help facilitate good culture in shared spaces by helping members to help themselves. Give your community permission to succeed!

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    Ep9: Share Local Book Club

    We explore resources online and offline that can help you find the words to explain your share project and learn more about the sharing economy.

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    Ep8: Fluctuations in Growth & Retention

    This week we're talking about growth & retention for your share project. How to grow and how to build a community where people want to stay, participate and grow alongside one another.

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